General Guidance about Dragon City

Dragon City is the most attractive game in this new era of modernization. It is available easily at free of cost on various sites for both Android and IOS users. The developers provide you with the best platform to enjoy the most common and new features of the game. It is a dragon breeding game, as in it users have to train and breed their dragons to battle with others. The game considers a wide range of dragons, foods and general items.

Dragon City is the best role-playing game among all others. More than thousands of people every day download and play the game. Gamers should make some strategies to play Dragon City decently-

Useful Strategies

Strategies play an important role in the game as they help the users to play the game more easily than before. It is an important thing to make some tips and strategies to play the game. Following are strategies to play the game perfectly:

  • Farms are the most important – It refers to the farming of different types of foods which are required to heal and to level up the dragons. One should always try to build farms on different islands. The more and more food you grow the more your dragons become stronger and powerful. Some most common foods that cost you less are dragon chili’s and dragon balls.
  • Upgrade and level up your dragons – It is the most important task of the game as in it you have to upgrade your favorite dragons regularly. To level up the dragons, you require enough amount of food. The more and more you grow the food the more you increase your dragon’s power and skills.
  • Use the currency wisely – In-game currency is the best source to make a game easier than before. One should spend the in-game currency more wisely as it helps you in unlocking various types of elemental dragons and general items. To be the best player of the game you need enough amount of currencies which you can get with Dragon City Hack. The in-game currency is available in three forms namely;
  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Food