Electronic Arts develop best Simulation game SimCity Buildit. In it, you can create own dream world. The game was launched for Android devices on October 22, 2014. And for IOS devices launched on 24 October 2014. It is the best simulation game all around the world. For playing in android devices, it must require 4.0 and up android version. The game is installed by 50,000,000+ people in the whole world. You can create own imagination dream city. Many types of currencies are available in it. The items are available in from 79.0 rupees to 7900.00 per item. So much battle is available with a lot of fun.

 How to earn simoleons in detail-

Simoleons are the currency of SimCity Buildit. It is the primary currency of the game. It is useful for purchase services like water, power, fire and more services. For taking the services, simoleons are must be required. So many alternatives are present to earn free simoleons for free with Simcity Buildit Hack 2018.

  1. Upgrade Building-

It is the best way to earn free simoleons. In others way, we can also say that it is the primary way to gain money. When you upgrade the buildings, then you will receive the rewards as the coins and gold, so it is the best way to earn simoleons.

  1. Sell the resources-

The selling resources are the best way to earn the resources. When you sell the resources, then you will receive some simoleons. In other words, if you trade with each other, then you will receive the points and many other things.

  1. Design the city-

Always design your city unique. When you develop the city unique then your citizen of city improve. As per the citizen, you will receive extra simoleons. Make sure your city properly set up. Always upgrade the store and buildings. So it is the best way to earn free simoleons. This helps you upgrade the stages and levels.

  1. Give facilities to citizen-

When you reached on level 5 or higher, then you will receive an authority to manufacture the city hall. That hall is allowing you to collect tax from your city’s residents. But that amount of tax collected will be dependent on how happy your citizens. You create the parks and other places for your citizens. These all steps make them happy, and you will receive the taxes. So it is the best way to make them happy and earn some simoleons.