General Guidance about Dragon City

Dragon City is the most attractive game in this new era of modernization. It is available easily at free of cost on various sites for both Android and IOS users. The developers provide you with the best platform to enjoy the most common and new features of the game. It is a dragon breeding game, as in it users have to train and breed their dragons to battle with others. The game considers a wide range of dragons, foods and general items.

Dragon City is the best role-playing game among all others. More than thousands of people every day download and play the game. Gamers should make some strategies to play Dragon City decently-

Useful Strategies

Strategies play an important role in the game as they help the users to play the game more easily than before. It is an important thing to make some tips and strategies to play the game. Following are strategies to play the game perfectly:

  • Farms are the most important – It refers to the farming of different types of foods which are required to heal and to level up the dragons. One should always try to build farms on different islands. The more and more food you grow the more your dragons become stronger and powerful. Some most common foods that cost you less are dragon chili’s and dragon balls.
  • Upgrade and level up your dragons – It is the most important task of the game as in it you have to upgrade your favorite dragons regularly. To level up the dragons, you require enough amount of food. The more and more you grow the food the more you increase your dragon’s power and skills.
  • Use the currency wisely – In-game currency is the best source to make a game easier than before. One should spend the in-game currency more wisely as it helps you in unlocking various types of elemental dragons and general items. To be the best player of the game you need enough amount of currencies which you can get with Dragon City Hack. The in-game currency is available in three forms namely;
  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Food



What do you need to know about Choices Stories You Play

Pixelberry recently launched their simulation game Choices Stories You Play. In the whole world, it is the best game to make own stories. On both IOS and Android device it’s free to play, but some items are purchasable in it. Millions of stories and chapters are available like romance, choose mystery and much more. Via this you can also share the stories with your friends and family.

Outstanding features-

In Choices Stories You Play lots of outstanding stories are available which make the game fabulous or unique. If you want to know about those features then today we tell you the whole information about it.

  • Customize the avatar-

It counts into the best feature because you can play the game with the help of characters. In it, various kinds of things are available which give a unique look to an avatar. With the help of an avatar, you can make own stories and chapters.

  • Various kinds of stories-

In it, lots of unique and enjoyable stories are available which give you happiness. All stories are divided into categories. It means if you are looking for a romantic story then choose the romantic category. As per you can select and read the different types of stories according to your mood. If you are a story lover, then you also share own stories with peoples. In that situation, you will get rewards if people like your stories. Each week many stories are updated.

  • Adventurer-

The game is full fill from adventures. In it many types of adventurer stories and missions are available. With the help of it, you are able to unlock the other stories and other things.

  • Graphics-

With the help of graphics, you can experience the real adventure world. You feel the stories realistic. The virtual world looks like the real world via graphics.

  • Store-

In the game, a store is available to give a unique look to an avatar. It means if you want to give a different look to avatar and make it smart then you can buy things from the store. Some items are also purchasable from real money and virtual money with Choices Hack.

  • Connect with a social site-

The game  come with a friend. In it, you can link the game with Facebook account and share your stories with other friends. It also the best way to save your game and earn some rewards for first time login.


How To Become The Best Player In Boxing Star 

Boxing star is the most inspiring sports game which you can find easily for your mobile phone. The game gives you a chance to improve you’re fighting skills in an entertaining way. You have to win the fights in the game to earn the coins and improve or by trying Boxing Star Cheats your performance in it. If you want to win the matches, then you have to train your boxer and work on their skills and speed. Many more things are available for you to improve your game standard.  You can show your boxing skills to your friends and family by playing it.

Tips and tricks  
  • Participate in tournaments because it helps you to increase the amount of winning rewards.
  • Follow the fights of professional boxers and learn the best way to win the matches.
  • Spend more time in training mode to know the special shots.
  • Watch the videos of tutorials to understand the controls correctly.
  • Take your time to learn the best moves and tricks to play the game perfectly.

Make a target and build a perfect player to win more fights in Boxing Star. You should always try to knock down your opponent; because a special move will give you a chance to earn more rewards.

Upgrade the special skills by matching the colors

In the game, if you want to increase the power of your special skills, then match the same color stance. It helps you to develop the skills of your player in an easy way. You should always try to collect the powers of green color because it improves the attacking skills of the player.

Make sure that, your player has enough strength to beat the opponent easily. All colors have different powers and different skills. For example Blue color is always greater then green color, so always try to use the blue color if you want to win the fights.

Use of S- coins         

The game gives you the opportunity to earn the free coins by collecting the daily rewards. These daily rewards can help you to buy many needy items in the game.  You can collect more coins in the game by using the S-coins.  On the other hand, you can purchase these S-coins by spending the real amount of money in the game.  These things can make the game easy, and you will win more fights with it.


Golf Clash hack 2017 – Gems and Coins generator

Golf Clash hack 2017 – Gems and Coins generator


Look, ” I confess it theres maybe not a lot of golfer, so which can be, apart from minigolf. I get tired once I watch golf tv and frankly, I absolutely kitty struck on the chunk in actual life in addition to some other men and women ve found over the program. But for whatever reason theres attracted to i-OS games which demand golf, almost certainly since they normally wind up becoming mysteries which have to get solved and that I scatter want to apply some other physiological advantage or seem as a fool at the front of different folks. Ve really been a huge lover of those Golf Clash Super stick man golfing games out of Noodlecake Studios, however thas almost certainly since they demand exceptional game factors inside these which you simply wot see in actuality, and also the puzzles by themselves are still amazing. As soon as I watched okay golfing featured over the App retail store this past week, I had been curious considering that golfing puzzles would be the sole path I could withstand golf, so I’d to take a look. Up to now, okay Golf can be still a stunning and strong golf game however, it can involve any flaws which stop it from becoming flawless.

Visually, okay golfing is down right breathtaking and superb. The game includes dioramas at a low-poly decorative that’s fully left in 3 d, and also the classes which yoll be golf on are motivated from real traditional golf locations. Thers also a refined vignette result round the display screen edges which produces the graphics and colours pop out much more. Okay Golf includes a awesome colour palette too, which ranges from vibrant and lively hues to darker, richer tones. Also also to earn every thing experience a tad far more sensible, you can find dynamic lighting , plus each night and day cycle therefore your courses really feel additional functional. Animations are smooth and liquid, therefore I had no expertise with lag on my i-phone 7, although the controls abandon somewhat to be ideal (a lot more on that in one moment). The game doesn’t need the full-on sound track playing in the backdrop, however it can possess some wonderful nature seems, like chirping birds, to provide you that relaxing sensation. Additionally, you will find a number of reasonable sound-effects to provide you with that experience which you’re the game of golf (however, perhaps not necessarily). In general, I believe the builders did a fantastic career with okay Golf with regards to visuals and audio.

Much like other normal puzzle game fare, okay golfing is level-based and capabilities four various golf-course are as which have about 9 phases in every single. The builders have previously promised far more no cost programs and information later on, thus there’s some thing to anticipate in the event that you wind up finishing each the accessible puzzles at this time. Ontop of the, you can find about three game modes offered: free-play, Championship, and Timed, nevertheless you’ve got to get paid ample stars in free-play to unlock one other Golf Clash gems hack two. Each and every course is going to have an alternative lay out, obviously, or so the par will remain various but crystal clear from first. Based how you need to do, upto about three stars might be acquired on each individual phase, as well as also the aim is straightforward: obtain the ball in to the hole in the fewest moves as you are able to. Although you are able to examine the most par, undertaking this earns you bogies and nets you simply a single star, therefore is crucial that you try for that smallest amount of moves.